Milwaukee School Assessment Data Portal

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About the MMAC Milwaukee School Assessment Data Portal

“Children are living messages we send to a time we will not see.” — Neil Postman

While the responsibility for nurturing the next generation begins at home, the community’s most significant opportunity to the shape the messages we send to our future and to impact the flow of talent into our economy is the quality of its K-12 school system. Milwaukee’s K-12 landscape faces many challenges and far too many of our children are falling through the cracks and being left on the sidelines. However, Milwaukee also boasts leaders in urban education who are taking the most challenged student populations and preparing these young men and women to successfully learn, lead and serve in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the nation, and the world.

The MMAC Milwaukee School Quality Map provides an interactive, transparent tool for the community to identify and quantify success and areas in need of improvement in our region’s publicly funded schools. Using the most accurate and recent common data available from the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, this map gives parents and policy makers alike a common report card snapshot of which schools are succeeding and which are struggling in metro Milwaukee. It also gives community leaders the data necessary to make informed investments that will lead to the creation and expansion of additional high performing schools throughout the region.

DATA SOURCE The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction.